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Aharai! is a social educational organization that develops young leadership and promotes social involvement among youths from the projects, development towns, absorption centers, boarding schools and shelters.
By connecting the youths to milestones in Israeli society; preparation for a significant military service in the IDF, preparation for the matriculation exams, immigrant integration programs, youth challenge programs, one year of community service, pre-military academy and alumni organization; the organization provides its youths a sense of achievement and capability and encourages them to fit in as contributing citizens in the State of Israel.

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The Diverse Projects:

"Aharai! IDF"

Aharai! Youth Challenge Program

"Aharai - Learning Centers

Aharai! in the Classrooms

Aharai! to the Path

Aharai! in the Community

"Gal Pre- army Academy"

Aharai! to the Top

Aharai! leadership and empowerment program for women


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